Dambe (pronounced DAM-bay) Warriors League (DWL) is home to the top Dambe fighters across the globe.

League Structure

Dambe Warriors League has three divisions:

  • Lightweight
  • Middleweight
  • Heavyweight

Each division will contain 6 warriors competing in a quarterly circuit. All warriors will fight every other warrior one time each quarter.

After each fight, rankings are submitted by certified voting members. Rankings are recalculated within 48 hours of every Dambe fight based on an average of the submitted rankings and will be published on the official Dambe Warriors channels.

At the end of each quarter, DWL will host a Dambe Superfight™ that pits the #1 ranked warrior in each division vs the #2 ranked warrior in a Championship bout. Dambe Superfights will also include three promotion-relegation fights, where the #6 ranked warrior will fight the top-ranked challenger as determined by the DWL network of scouts and fight houses.

Warriors can be disqualified from DWL for steroid use, criminal conduct, missing fights for unexcused reasons, or any other reason DWL executives deem necessary to preserve the integrity of the league and the sport.