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Nine dynamite fights kept Nigerian residents from all walks of life spellbound in ecstacy.


Dambe Warriors League Super Fight 02 Sets Lagos Ablaze

March 5th, 2024

Spectators ran out of superlatives to describe the Dambe Warriors League Super Fight 02 at the sold out Muri Okunola Park this past Sunday 3rd March 2024.

Nine dynamite fights kept Nigerian residents from all walks of life spellbound in ecstacy.

Six warriors earned a spot in the League with resounding victories, while three gladiators emerged champions of Season 02 after long and grueling months.

Even pop star Faze, formerly of the group Plantation Boys, showed up to serenade the massive crowd, which included representatives from top media agencies and other artistes and influencers.

As Hugh Guill, CEO of Dambe Warriors Entertainment told the crowd before the event, “This journey that began approximately 1,000 years ago in West Africa continues today, 50 generations later, as we all gather together under the sun and the stars to celebrate Nigeria, its history and these 18 warriors who embody masculine courage and honor.”

In the Lightweight division, KURMA and NASSARAWA earned promotion into Season 3 of Dambe Warriors League, the former with a narrow one-point victory (88-87) that went the distance and the latter with a brutal second round knockout.

Later in the evening, YAR MAGE stunned the crowd and the formidable ZAYYANU, swinging furiously to earn a third-round knockout in a tightly contested match.

In the Middleweights, B YASANDA and MESSI announced their presence with thunderous knockouts of their own.

Messi produced the main highlight of the promotional fights after destroying Algerian contender SALIM with a brutal right hand that left the North African dazed in the sand with blood dripping down his face.

For the championship bout, SHAABAN was dominating fan-favorite RAMADAN for the first two rounds until RAMADAN landed a desperate right hook that sent his opponent down and out.

The crowd roared in delight while RAMADAN screamed to the skies in a touching display of pride.

TASSARA and G YANSANDA will be joining the Heavyweight division in April, each earning convincing victories over their opponents.

As the sun set over the water, the spectacular event ended with DOGO MAITAKWASARA edging out ALI KANIN BELLO in a thriller that came down to the wire, earning the champion the largest cash prize in Dambe history.

Many fans rushed the arena as security worked to contain the excited crowd who had shown up for the sold-out event.

The sponsors and partners for Season 2 of Dambe Warriors League (MTN, Bet9ja, Hero Hunter Power Bikes, Odogwu Malay, Infinite Energy Drinks, Indomie, Hypo, Power Oil, Colgate, Pop Cola, Amstel Malta, Optimus by Afrinvest, Jay’s Diner, Loatsad Promomedia, and AIICO) were represented by their CEO’s and CMO’s at the event and all walked away with their heads held high, eager to see what the future holds as the traditional Nigerian combat sport continues to expand its reach both domestically and internationally.

Season 03 will kickstart in April after the Ramadan.

To catch up on all the latest happenings, fans are invited to download the exclusive Dambe Warriors app today on Android or iOS, and follow the Dambe Warriors journey on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and X.